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Send and receive structured log events over UDP.

This module provides UDPLogger for sending out structured log events. When used as a script it listens for log events and prints them to standard out.

While this module uses a few helper functions from Twisted, it does not depend on the Twisted reactor and can be used in any Python project.

Line # Kind Name Docs
42 Function unserialize Unserialize a log event.
58 Function augmentWithFailure Augment a log event with exception information.
73 Class MemoryLogger Keeper of all logs in memory.
87 Class UDPLogger Dispatcher of structured log events over UDP.
196 Class UDPLogHandler Python Logging handler that emits to UDP.
262 Class ConfigurableUDPLogHandler Configurable UDPLog logging handler.
325 Function main Undocumented
def unserialize(msg): (source)

Unserialize a log event.

A log event is defined as a category, followed by a colon, optional whitespace and a event dictionary serialized as JSON.

ReturnsThe category and event dictionary. (type: tuple of (unicode and dict.)
def augmentWithFailure(eventDict, failure, why=None): (source)

Augment a log event with exception information.

def main(): (source)
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